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when we talk about art history,

we don’t just talk about where the art was made, and when,
but we also have the opportunity to think about why.
We can dig deeper, and consider the context of the art.

The act of creation is a series of choices. Having greater context gives you the ability to make stronger choices.

So let’s dig deeper.

An intro to Ethiopian art

A history of painting from one of the first Christian kingdoms.

Sogdian banqueter wall painting from Panjikent

What was the Silk Road?

Some insights, corrections, and expansions on what you might have known.

Gleaning style

One approach to parsing the art we see.

Looking for resources?


A brief appetizer. Delicious thoughts, tips, and short moments, to pique your interest or to get you rolling.


A series introducing styles of premodern art, alongside the specific accessible resources to learn more.


A curated walk through some fascinating topics, a look at a some collections, and a few deep dives.